Programmer and Web Developer

Dan Guinn Programmer I love programming and I am particularly passionate about web languages. I often work in a Full-Stack environment which over time has allowed me to have exposure to a many languages and frameworks. I teach the full web development track of the continuing eductation Web Development Certificate at Johnson County Community College. This covers the full stack from HTML and CSS to modern development in ReactJS and Node.

This arrangement of doing development during the day and teaching classes many nights has constantly sharpened my skills. My real-world experience benefits my teaching and my abundant study in teaching, benefits my day position.

Check out the following features of this page to explore my code knowledge. 

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Check out my ongoing collection of code demos. Sometimes I'm serious, and sometimes I just play!

Keypad Access Code DemojQuery/PHP

Risk Roller Code DemojQuery/PHP

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard SpockNodeJS/Express


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node
Vue JS



Misc JavaScript, PHP





I am providing this list to show aptitude and overall knowledge. The following is a list of languages and technologies I have experience with or have a working knowledge of. Under each language, I have indicated my ongoing training and experience, from both formal and various online training sources that you can click through to see completion or more information.

  • Programming Fundamentals
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • MVC Patterns
      • General knowledge of Symfony and Laravel MVC approaches
      • Dabbled in Python/Django MVC
      • I am comfortable with various front-end MVC (MVVM) patterns
        • Familiar with ReactJS and AngularJS
      • NodeJS/Express Structures
  • Cloud Development
    • Oracle Big Machines
      • BML, BMQL, CPQ interface
      • Certificate: CPQ Yellowbelt
    • Salesforce
  • Web Languages
    • XML & Related Transport Languages
      • XML
        • Self taught, proficient
      • XSL
        • Self taught, proficient
      • RSS
        • Self taught, proficient
    • Classic ASP / VBScript
      • 2 years of professional experience
      • Highly proficient in VBScript
    • Back-End, Server-side Programming
      • PHP & Technologies
        • PHP Language
        • Templating Engines
          • Twig (working knowledge)
        • Web Services - XML, RSS, JSON
        • Frameworks
          • I have written a personal MVC/CMS modular PHP Framework 
          • CodeIgnitor (novice to intermediate knowledge)
          • Laravel (novice to intermediate knowledge)
          • Symphony (novice to intermediate knowledge, KNP University)
      • NodeJS
        • I teach classes in the Web Development Certificate @ JCCC
        • Primary Libraries:
          • NPM
          • Express
          • Express Project Builder
          • Nodemon/Reload
        • Class taught: NodeJS
        • Front-End Development in Node
          • ReactJS
          • Angular
          • Vue.js
      • Python / Django
        • Self taught (novice to intermediate knowledge)
    • Database Languages
  • MS Office Application Technologies
    • Desktop VBScript
    • VBA for Excel
      • 2 years of professional experience as a VBA developer
      • Have integrated custom ribbon designs and modules into various work situations
      • Have taught class Excel VBA Programming at JCCC, FALL 2016
    • VBA for Access
      •  Written class curriculum for Access VBA Programming for JCCC, FALL 2016 
  • Desktop Console
    • Java
      • I am not a Java programmer, but have a decent working knowledge of Java OOP
    • Python
      • Self taught, basic skills
  • Mobile
    • Python / Kivy
      • Self taught, novice to intermediate knowledge
  • Server
    • LAMPP
      • 7+ Years of Professional Experience
      • Primarily on Ubuntu, some on Cent OS
      • Raspberry PI (Ubuntu ARM)
      • The site you are viewing is running on my home LAMPP server.
      • Some general experience with XAMPP, MAMPP, WAMP also.
    • NodeJS
      • See Back, End Server-Side Programming
  • Package & Dependency Managers (General working knowledge)
    • Bower
    • NPM
    • Composer
    • apt-get, etc.
  • Repositories
    • Mecurial - Some experience, general working knowledge
    • Github - Some experience, general working knowledge
      • Git Enabled Editors:
        • Atom (Win/Linus)
        • SourceTree (Mac)
        • GitKraken (Linux)
    • Git 
  • Editor Usage - I prefer text-based web editors but also have used JetBrains Products:
    • Atom
    • PHPStorm, WebStorm
    • Brackets
    • Geany
    • VS Code
    • Dreamweaver (briefly, early in my career)



      Keypad Access Code Demo


    Inspired by my love for spy-tech movies and geeky gadgets, I came up with the idea of making a keypad access for the web back in May of 2017. Implementing it would be somewhat easy, but making it fun for a demo was a new idea. So I turned the idea into a simple game. The user must guess the proper keypad entry to win. Minimal coding is utilized in this version, just JQuery and as simple PHP script for the backend (one could have easily used NodeJS, etc.).

    Crack the Keypad Access!

    View jQuery Version Code on Github





    Ever play the board game RISK? It's all about world domination, where players try to conquer territories to add to their empire. However, each turn is made up of many rolls in the battle for the given territory attack. This can be a long process of two parties, namely the attacker and the defender, rolling dice and removing troops from their territories until one side finally wins. So I was thinking, would it be possible to automate that process? The answer is yes! Here is a code demo from May 2017.

    Try out the RISK Roller!

    View jQuery Version Code on Github



      Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

    Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Demo

    Play Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock!

    I was asked to do a code demo of the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock in Symfony (PHP framework) back in 2016.

    Languages used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Bootsrap, AJAX, JSON, PHP (Symfony framework: Twig, Doctrine, DQL)

    View Old Symfony Version Code on Github

    I more recently redeveloped the game in NodeJS (2020) 

    Languages Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Bootsrap, AJAX, JSON (service), NodeJS (Express, Promise MySQL, Express es6 Template Engine) Dev Dependencies: MVC Create (also created by me), nodemon.   

    *NEW* View NodeJS Version Code on Github *NEW*



      JCCC Class Code Examples

    The following are the typical code examples I use in class. Every time I teach I will review and seek to improve them. 




    MVC Create

    MVC Create is a utility I made to create MVC structures to jump start the creation of a project in NodeJS.


    Languages: JavaScript (NodeJS context)


    Node Lizard Spock

    Node Lizard Spock is a version of the game Rock, Paper Scissors, Lizard, Spock (like Rock, Paper Scissors, but with two more gestures).

    Code: Node-Lizard-Spock (Rock Paper Scissors in Node JS)

    Languages/Libraries/Platforms: HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, NodeJS and Express


    Elithica AMD NodeJS

    Elithica AMD is a front-end modular system I created by combining some significant libraries. Here I combine them with NodeJS to create a full-stack system 


    Languages/Libraries/Platforms: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, KnockoutJS, Express, ES6 String Template Engine, MVCCreate, Nodemon, NodeJS.


    Latitude and Longitude API

    I was asked to create a latitude and longitude lookup API. 


    Languages: JavaScript (NodeJS Context), JSON, MySQL


    Node Logins

    Examples of some Node JS login methods:


    • Standard Login:


    Languages: JavaScript (NodeJS Context), HTML


    • JWT Login:


    Languages:  JavaScript (NodeJS Context), HTML, jQuery


    JavaScript Modules (Study):

    Languages: JavaScript (IIFE, AMD, CommonJS, ES6)

    JavaScript Simple SPA Router
    (No Front End Framework Required)


    Languages: JavaScript (NodeJS, Express), HTML, CSS


    JavaScript Simple SPA Router with ES6 Modules
    (No Front End Framework Required)


    Languages: JavaScript (NodeJS, Express), HTML, CSS


    Nodemon Reload Example


    Languages: JavaScript (NodeJS, Express, Nodemon, Reload), HTML, CSS





    Vue.js Hello World

    Some notes on the example generated by the Vue.js CLI


    A Simple Vue.js Component

    A simple component example for students:


    Vue.js jQuery Replacement

    A compilation and notation of code by Sarah Drasner:


    Vue.js Basic Concepts Book Examples

    50+ examples coded from the book Vue.js Basic Concents by Eric Sarrion

    (There is no current online repo of the code for this book to my knowledge.)



    More Vue.js Code, Coming Soon!




    This collection of code is just some simple one-offs I have done, in some cases just for fun