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  My Philosophy on Photography

My philosophy on photography is related to my core philosophy of art. As Hans Rookmaaker once said, "Art needs no justification." What he means by this is that art and beauty carry inherent truth. Art, in fact, is a language that we all speak. One should not have to ask why a photographer captures moments in time and space. The beauty speaks for itself. However, the conversation does not end there. Just because the art needs no justification, this does not mean that there is nothing to say. Rather, it should invoke volumes of thought and speech.

Photography does something which should likewise deeply speak to us. It is based in time, a moment in history, it is real and truthful, yet there is a personal context. Thus, the art is to capture something of it's truth, but in the most ideal vantage point that allows for it to speak. Photographers are forced to think about such things as timing, lighting and composition. They are also constantly honing the mechanics of their craft, guaging the shutter, the aperture and so on. Yet all this must come with a mind to convey something real and non-mechanical. In some ways this is a contradiction, and it would be if it were just about the tools alone. The artist at the end of the mechanical contraption makes the difference! The artist must be about extracting the human touch-points that preserve for us a personal view of reality. This is why it is not just about who can operate the camera the best, but rather it is about who can have the most compassion with the subject matter. I invite you to consider me for your photographer.

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Your wedding is a sacred event and you need someone who captures the moment the respect and care that you require.



  Wonderful Places

There are just some places that have to be photographed! Like the Schnitzelbank in Jasper, Indiana.




Every shot involves artistry, but sometimes things catch my eye that I have to capture.




Some of my cooking. Do try not to drool!




Catching musicians in action is hard work! Performers are often constantly in motion. Here are some action shots.




You don't always realize you are capturing a moment in time and history. Event photos tell a story.




Churches are probably my favorite subjects to photograph, especially when thy have some history. In this collection I have captured a few older churches in St. Louis and a house church in Georgia.




Monuments are symbols that make a statement of memorial and remembrance, it is important to try and capture something of what is being represented and let the subject speak.