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I enjoy my time in the outdoors hiking and exploring. Here is a collection of my most recent adventures.




Every shot involves artistry, but sometimes things catch my eye that I have to capture.




Some of my cooking. Do try not to drool!



  Wonderful Places

There are just some places that have to be photographed! Like the Schnitzelbank in Jasper, Indiana.




Catching musicians in action is hard work! Performers are often constantly in motion. Here are some action shots.




You don't always realize you are capturing a moment in time and history. Event photos tell a story.




Churches are one of my favorite subjects to photograph, especially when they have some history. In this collection I have captured a few older churches in St. Louis and a beautiful house church in Georgia.




Monuments are symbols that make a statement of memorial and remembrance, it is important to try and capture something of what is being represented and let the subject speak.




Your wedding is a sacred event and you need someone who captures the moment the respect and care that you require.