Technical Instructor & Public Speaker

Technical Instructor

I really have a deep love for teaching. There is something about watching the "lights come on" in people's minds. Their faces light up, they get excited about what they are learning and you can feel the electricity when they engage. I got my start as an instructor while working in banking. After being noticed for my skills with Excel, I was asked to teach. Some time later, I was asked to become a technical instructor at the school I was attending. Today, I teach as a technical instuctor at Johnson County Community College.

Training is an essential part of work. People need patient and yet engaging mentors. This is what I bring to the table.

More about classes at Johnson County Community College and my previous teaching history.


(Supplemental Information for JCCC Students)

Teaching History

  • Classes Teaching at JCCC (Fall 2016):
  • Intouch Solutions (2015) - Excel Subject Matter Expert - Integrated Continuing Education (ICE)
    • Excel Super Powers - Excel for Business Usage
  • Subject Matter Expert Lecturer (various times from 2011-2015)
    • Non-Profit Technical Advisory Lectures at the Christian Ministry Training Association (2011)
      • "I Clicked on the Internet - A humorous guide to understanding the internet and ministry."
      • "The Top 5 Things You Need to Go Global - A workshop on resources for web ministry."
    • Presented papers at the International Society of Christian Apologetics on Francis Schaeffer
    • Lectured at various locations on Francis Schaeffer for
    • Taught numerous classes on various works of Francis Schaeffer
  • Classes Taught at New Horizons (2002):
    • MS Excel, Access 2000 Level 1, Access XP (2002) Level 1
    • Excel 2000 Level 1, Excel 2000 Level 2, Excel 2000 Level 3, Excel XP (2002) Level 1
    • Word 2000 Level 1, Word 2000 Level 2, Word 2000 Level 3, Word XP (2002) Level 1
    • PowerPoint 2000 Level 1, PowerPoint XP (2002) Level 1
    • FrontPage 2000 Level 1, FrontPage XP Level 1
    • HTML 4 Level 1
    • Introduction to Networking
    • Windows 2000 Level 1, Windows 2000 Level 2, Windows XP (2002) Level 1
  • Bank of Blue Valley (2001)
    • Excel for Banking 1 & 2