Web Business Systems Analyst

Web Business Systems AnalystI often get asked, "Which do you like better, being a programmer or being an analyst?" To me it is an odd question, since even when I worked as an analyst, I never stopped programming. Moreover, being a web analyst and a web developer are conceptually connected. As a full-stack developer, I have often worn many hats, and I have never been a purely heads-down programmer. I love code and I love people. So stepping into an analyst role seemed rather natural. I enjoy being able to work with multiple subject matters experts on an Agile team and be a valuable resource to all of them. In reality, the position often is a cross between my programmer and technical instructor skills. My time as an analyst has has inspired me to program in various ways and learn new things. In fact, it has made me an even better programmer!

  Charts and Process Flow Diagrams

The following are some examples of typical charts and wireframe work I did while working as an analyst.